DEAD EMPTY: Blame Luck, Blame Fate: 10” EP

Mar 19, 2002

This limited-edition (mine’s #342 of 1000) 10-inch skull-rattler sonically screamed outta my stereo speakers like a hot-wired fully-revved car-crushin’ monster truck tearing through tons of tangled metal heaps of scrap-iron auto remains in an overly cluttered junkyard in Detroit. Whooo-doggy yeh, Dead Empty boisterously blaze along like a full-force musical hurricane unleashing a thundering torrent of all-out snarlin’ punk’n’roll ferocity. It’s a snotty, rampaging, flesh-scorchin’ cacophony somewhat comparable to the Nobodys brawling with Motorhead in a stench-filled, trash-strewn back-alley of Hell. Absolutely one of the most intense auditory experiences to ever violate my ears!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Cyclone/ Reality Clash)