DEAD DRUGS: Pillow Talk: 7” EP

Sep 18, 2015

Dead Drugs is a one-person band made up solely of Jeffery “Drugs” Piatkowski, who plays guitar and feet drums while singing. One-member bands either work spectacularly or fail miserably. Thankfully, I loved every second of this from the opening chords. On Pillow Talk Piatkowski acts as a musical psychic medium, channeling the spirits of early rock’n’roll pioneers. Every track is loaded with the kind of hooks you’d imagine hearing blasting out your speakers in the ‘50s or ‘60s, introduced by an over-the-top DJ. The riffs are catchy and allow Piatkowski chances to demonstrate his guitar virtuosity. How he manages to shred on guitar as intensely as he does, while simultaneously singing and playing drums with his feet, only the gods know. This 7” gets better with every spin and just might be my newest musical addiction. 

 –Paul J. Comeau (Manglor, [email protected])

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