DEAD CLONES: Self-titled: CD

Dead Clones are mid-tempo, Brazilian horror rock. Not really all that exciting or ground breaking, but decent for sure. What really stands out is the great band name and artwork. Great use of the Evil Dead font and skeletal type creeps in black, white, and red. Striking! Hands down the best song title is “Schizoid Freud.” I don’t know why, but every time I think of it, I laugh. It is safe to say that Dead Clones are definitely better than whatever passes as the Misfits these days. There is some mid-era Damned action going on with keyboards and saxophone in the mix. I guess if I had a complaint it would be the song lengths. They drag on and on, with some hitting the five- and six-minute mark. My attention span just can’t take it. I’d say Dead Clones would make it into a Halloween mix I was putting together.

 –Ty Stranglehold (Dead Clones,