DEAD CITY: The Dead Sessions: CD

Mar 13, 2007

This is the sum recorded output of a live/ studio side project fronted by Joe Dias, singer of east coast hardcore legends Lost Generation, with different incarnations featuring at various times Cheetah Chrome and members of 76%Uncertain and Seizure. The results are of the rock/ punk ilk one ultimately expects whenever the words “Cheetah Chrome” are batted around, even if he doesn’t play on all the tracks. Some of it ain't bad, but a large swath of the songs are kinda plodding and lack any of the power or edge of the bands these guys came from.

 –jimmy (Incas)

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MARTHA: Blisters in the Pit of My Heart: LP

September 22, 2016
Martha’s debut LP, Courting Strong, left an undeniable impact on me. It’s filled with painfully, jaw-droppingly relatable odes to being lonely without resentment, and understanding and accepting one’s personal sadness. The lyrics burnt off the haze of denial I had found myself in, and I learned the answers to questions I hadn’t been capable of asking. It’s a powerful record. And one that seemed very hard to top, which is why I wasn’t sure if I was ready for another Martha LP in my life. Luckily, the summer of 2016 brings us Blisters in the Pit of My Heart, and it’s as potent and emotionally relevant as anyone could hope for. It’s jam packed with their high-energy, supercharged take on British indie pop. Quirky existentialism (which is thee best form of existentialism) is propped up by these grand, immaculately structured pop songs that set the scene for tales of loss, loving, and coming to terms with the unfortunate realities we all face. Radical politics are casually tucked in to love songs; love songs about revolutionary leaders are open in plain sight. Blisters… is a solid fucking record. An important record. An inclusive record. A record that can be enjoyed on many levels. The final track feels so touching; it’s as if they wrote it with each and every one of us in mind. Martha is as relentless as any great hardcore band, yet trades blastbeats and mosh breakdowns in for multi-vocal melodies and laconic moments of personal reflection. They’re our reminder that it’s alright to be moody and self-indulgent, but for the love of gob, we need to care about things other than ourselves in this world. You will be coming of age till the day you die; never stop growing, never stop listening. Read the lyrics. –Daryl (Dirtnap)
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