DEAD CAT LOUNGE: Don’t Come Back: CD

Jan 12, 2010

Pretty standard political street punk/American oi hybrid. There is a song called “Barbara’s Bush” about Barbara Bush’s, … well, … bush. It comes across as bit immature, but not ostensibly offensive and definitely reminiscent of late-‘80s crossover humor. The singer really sells the humor element of the band. The vocals come across loud and clear and he is able to express sarcasm without sounding too pleased with himself. He sounds pissed and confident. Overall, a pretty strong band. The songs are good, but the album suffers from the songs having too many intro riffs. There needs to be a little more 1234-go in the presentation. The album starts with a one and a half minute excerpt from Network. Just get to the songs; I got stuff to do. If I wanna see Network, I’ll rent it.

 –Billups Allen (Fish,