DEAD BODY MEN, THE: Punk Rock Bottom: 7” lathe

Jun 14, 2014

A punk band from the high school years of North Carolina friends (featuring Will Butler of To Live A Lie records fame) and they sound every bit of it: demo quality Reagan Youth taking on fast hardcore, although I wish I could say these songs were as good as that description sounds. The cover was made with what feels like poorly cut construction paper with glued-on xeroxed images as artwork. I understand that this is what presumably would normally pass for a “punk as fuck” product, but seeing as how this record was put out for purely nostalgic reasons (the songs were recorded in the early 2000s) the artwork takes away from all the effort that was put into pressing this lathe onto plastic (not vinyl, mind you). So does anyone other than the parties involved or their friends really need to hear this? Not particularly. I doubt these four songs will cause anyone to shit their pants and drop insane amounts of money for one of only thirty copies available. A fun listen, for sure, but far from essential. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Positive Youth Productions,