DEAD BODY MEN, THE: Discography: CD

Jul 24, 2013

I know fuck all about ‘em, but if the title is accurate, this would appear to be comprised of their D.O.A. and The Art of Resistance albums, plus some live and demo tracks tacked onto the end. The overall production sounds like most of the stuff was recorded on a 4-track demo, which is in no way intended as an insult, with a crispy treble to it. The tunes are mostly mid-tempo punk/hardcore with deviations into different styles thrown in to keep things moving, with samples interspersed throughout. The bonus stuff is a bit rawer in sound, natch. All told, this seriously reminds me of various demo tapes from now-obscure bands (Sewer Trout comes to mind at points) that used to get traded around nearly two decades before the band under review existed.

 –jimmy (Positive Youth Productions)