DEAD BETTIES, THE: Summer of ’93: CD

Aug 15, 2006

From the godawful finger painted cover, I was expecting some lame and subdued wannabe Guided By Voices band, or something you’d find in the cutout bin at the record store and just brush right past. But, I was in for a pretty nice surprise when I put this on and fell victim to a fairly intense barrage of droning post punk, something like, I don’t know, The Pine or even The Shivering, if they totally abandoned their Rites Of Spring/Revolution Summer blueprint and went straight for a template that was seemingly designed to just stress the shit out of you and make you feel like you were right on the edge of some precipice. It’s not that they’re tuneless, not at all, but they’re utilizing such odd progressions, with every instrument carrying equal weight, that everything remains totally identifiable but totally anxiety-ridden at the same time. Apart from the band name and the cover art, this one’s got the potential to spin a few heads. Rest assured, they make one fuck of a racket for a three piece.

 –keith (

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