DEAD BETTIES, THE: Destination I Do: 7"

May 26, 2008

Nine times out of ten, when you put a 7” on your record player and listen through the song on the first side, your chances of guessing what the other side will sound like are pretty good. This band, however, whose the press release says has “already received attention from a number of press outlets (Out Magazine, The Deli, etc.),” seems to have no problem making a radical departure between side A and side B. Unfortunately, they depart from Awesome Town and go to Crap Land. “Malls of the Midwest” is a rollicking, grating, stomping, shouting, and maddening piece of rock that leaves one wanting more, more, more! What I got when I flipped to the other side was a by-the-numbers indie rock whiner.

 –mp (Devious Planet)

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