DEAD BETTIES: Fuck You Avril, You’re in the Army Now: CD-R

Jan 23, 2008

Every now and then something comes along that is just so weird it works. The last release I remember hearing from these guys was kind of skronky and decent if not all that interesting. This, however, is a significant step forward from that. Nine songs here and not a one sounds like any other on the disc. You get off-kilter, all-over-the-map stabs at post-glam, punk (their cover of Creedence’s “Fortunate Son” is impressive), experimental fiddling about, artsy fun with loops of Avril Lavigne trying hard to sound intelligent, synth rock, death rock and, of course, skronk, all delivered with maximum catchiness and enough sense not to take things too seriously. They keep up like this and they may well end up one of the more interesting bands the underground has seen in years.

 –jimmy (no address)