DEAD BARS: Self-titled: 7”

Guess what label this was released on, guys! Gruff pop punk, more or less inspired by the vocal delivery of bands like Hot Water Music, Leatherface, and Jawbreaker? Check! A “gritty” album cover, either drawn in oddly bright colors or a photo in black and white? Check! At least one member of a band you already know and love (ex-Big Eyes)? Check! Have you guessed it yet? It’s the newest from No Idea Records. As much as I kid, you can’t knock the label for lack of quality. Predictability? Well, maybe a little. We all have our tastes and if I ran my own label I’m sure people would quickly pinpoint exactly the type of music I actually like to listen to. Though Var has a predisposition for signing and releasing bands like Dead Bars, at least their songs are good. Grade: B.

 –Bryan Static (No Idea,