DEAD BARS: “Emergency” b/w “Off the Ground”: 7”

Sep 18, 2015

If smell is seventy-five percent of taste, then what percentage of a band does the vocalist make? I mean, there are only so many chords and notes. How you put those chords and notes is important, mind you… there are many bands who fail to write any similance of a catchy tune. But the noise that escapes the singer’s mouth has got to be an even higher make or break percentage. John Maiello’s raspy, singing shriek warmed my earballs the first time I heard it, like a close-talking smoker friend who had one too many at the show and really needs to tell you something. Add him to the list of distinctive vocalists like Sam from NMDS or the guy from Ringers who keep me flipping the record over and over. These two tunes are short, sweet, pounding, and anthemic hardcore pop punk. Quit messing around with these 7”s and give us an LP already. 

 –Matt Seward (Eager Beaver,