Mar 23, 2007

The DC Snipers kick this off with “Baby Don’t Be So Violent,” which is about two hundred times catchier and more traditional sounding than their Missile Sunset CD. Which isn’t to say they’ve gone soft. The song absolutely rocks, but in more of a Dead Boys/ Real Kids sort of way. They follow with “Dirt Bag,” in much the same vein. Both tracks sound like they were recorded totally in the red, all bleary and compressed. The flip side finds The Tampoffs playing at top speed through two ultra-catchy songs, “Gentlemen” and “Lead,” both staples of their live show. I’ve seen the Tampoffs a few times, and always enjoyed them, but this recording doesn’t really capture the joy they display live.

 –brian (Daggerman, www.myspace.com/daggermanrecords)