D.C. SNIPERS: Missile Sunset: CD

Jul 25, 2006

By saying the D.C. Snipers are a more sophisticated Spits, it’s like saying they’re more sophisticated booger eaters, but it’s true. (For the record, The Spits are inspired booger eaters; not a talent to be offhandedly dismissed.) Whereas The Spits huff directly from the Ramones exhaust pipe for inspiration, the D.C. Snipers pull a duct-tape body wax from hairy, early New York artpunk like Television and Suicide. What that means is that they’ve got the straight-from-the-garage-2006 charm that doesn’t take much intense thought to like while hanging a painting in the back of the drum riser with more artistic sonic brushes, full of weird sounds and not-supposed-to-work angles. Bottom line: fuckin’ danceable, headspace-clearing stuff that’ll hang both in gutters and fancy lofts. This is getting a lot of spins.

 –todd (Dead Beat)