DAYLIGHT ROBBERY: Through the Confusion: LP

May 04, 2010

It’s obvious how similar Chicago’s Daylight Robbery are to X. When you hear the noirish rock’n’roll and male/female crooning, John Doe and Exene come right to mind. But, after seeing Daylight Robbery last night, and playing their LP this morning, I’m prepared to offer a new theory: Daylight Robbery sound like The B-52s. Bear with me! Tell me that Christine doesn’t sound like Kate Pierson. Tell me that the wide space between the driving rhythm section and Dave’s scratchy guitar don’t offer a new wave danciness that might be heard on “Planet Claire.” Sure, Dave doesn’t sound like Fred Schneider (for shame!), and they’re playing moody punk with slice o’ city life lyrics, but there’s more to Daylight Robbery than your X or Gun Club comparisons can provide. X make me want to squint through my hangover and Gun Club make me want to drive into the desert and ditch my car, but Daylight Robbery make me want to throw a party and serve neon punch. Ten songs that blow by fast.

 –CT Terry (Residue,