Jan 12, 2010

“Oh, you lazy fucker,” part of my brain is saying. “You can’t do better than that? Just because there are men and women vocals, and it’s punk, you’re going to bring up X? That’s all you got for comparison? A band that hasn’t written any new material since 1993?” But it’s more than just the coed vocals. It’s the mid-pacing of the songs, the reverb and slightly surf, slightly rootsy undertones, the fore fronting of the vocalists—like you’ll be rewarded for understanding what they’re singing—and that each instrument has its own little ecosystem that’s bigger when they’re all blended together. Like the slower, more melodic Libyans tracks, especially “Welcome to the Neighborhood.” So what if the fingerprints are from the Dangerhouse era? The music sounds crisp and fresh-from-the-plastic, newly peeled out of the sleeve. Highly recommended.

 –todd (Residue,