DAYLIGHT ROBBERY: “Distant Shores,” “Annexed” b/w “Disruption”: 7”

Sep 18, 2013

I celebrate Daylight Robbery’s entire catalog and they continually grow. I feel that their sound is like noir cinematography, but unmistakably punk. They create with shadow almost more than with light. They give the shape to their songs almost like a crime-in-progress. There’s tension, drama, plot. They make haunting music, not spooky music. But the morning sunlight breaking through thin drapes, a new version of Daylight Robbery shows itself on this 7”. I hope it doesn’t sound corny, but I kept coming back to these two words with this batch of songs: jubilant and galloping. Tasteful splashes of color fill their typically wintery musical world. Blood pumps under skin, a sweat breaks, and it sounds great. Recommended.

 –todd (Poison City)