DAYLIGHT ROBBERY: Accumulated Error: LP

Mar 29, 2016

Accumulated Error is a third album in the way that Rocket to Russia, Dookie, or Raising Hell are third albums. Not that Daylight Robbery sound a thing like Ramones, Green Day, or Run DMC, but they’re at a similar stage in their creativity. They’ve honed their sound, invested in a powerful recording, and come forth with their strongest set of songs yet—songs that should define them as a band. Daylight Robbery are a Chicago three-piece fronted by bassist Christine Wolf and guitarist David Wolf, a married couple whose dark croons have earned their band countless X comparisons. Throughout this album, they both nail notes they’ve only hinted at in the past, especially on “New Threat,” “Rememoration,” and “Shadows in the Snow,” which hit like a two piece with biscuit in the middle of the album. Over the years, Christine’s driving bass and the compact clatter of Jeff Rice’s drums have spread far from David’s reverby guitar, resulting in music that’s developed from garage to sharp post-punk. Accumulated Error’s big recording forefronts the band’s musical progress, with new guitar tones pushing David into surf and ‘80s alternative territory and Christine moving further toward New Order bass lead status. Jeff even plays the organ on a rootsy song later in the album. Maybe these new sounds hint at what’s to come next for the band. At this point, it’s hard to believe that Daylight Robbery could get any better at what they’re doing, but they’ve proven that they’re not a band to ever stop evolving.   –Chris Terry (Deranged)