Jul 22, 2008

I know last time when I reviewed Out of the Womb by Dayglow Abortions, I said it contained all of their best songs. Well, I kind of lied. When I was a lad around the age of twelve, I played minor hockey (as most Canadian boys do). The kicker was that punk rocker kids were a bit of a rarity in organized sports, so I didn’t have a lot of friends. I think the only reason I wasn’t lynched was that I was good at hockey. Well, we found ourselves at a tournament down in Washington state and the custom was to get “psyched up” for the game by listening to music. AC/DC was the order of the day, when I told the team that I had a tape that was perfect for our American adversaries. Somehow I was given a chance and within thirteen seconds the entire dressing room was screaming “PROUD TO BE A CANADIAN… PASS ME ANOTHER BEER!” That day we won by a lot, and the punker wasn’t so weird to the jocks. Anyways, the review is like this (Best Songs from Out of the Womb) + (“Proud To Be Canadian”) + A few more classics = Feed Us A Fetus = Best Dayglo Abortions record PERIOD! Another great reissue by Unrest.

 –ty (Unrest)