DAY CREEPER: Raging Beast: 7”EP

Jul 19, 2014

This EP from this three-piece out of Ohio manages to copy and paste jangly elements of ‘60s garage while weaving in a twenty-first century flavor. Garage pop with marching drum percussion, “Turning into a Man” brings up shades of The Stones’ Some Girls with scratchy male/female harmonization, while “Everybody Else” leans into an ‘80s power chord like Cheap Trick. “Zonin’ Out” is part Animals, part Kinks with sloppy vocals that veer off key but don’t feel contrived. “Virgin Desolation” slows it down a beat with a solid guitar hook that shimmies and sways to the finish line. An appetizer to their full length, Hell Is Real—this is Friday night dance party stuff. Recommended. 

 –Kristen K. (Self-released)

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