DAWN OF MAN: In the Bronze Age: CDEP

Feb 15, 2007

Haunting and beguiling. Like a painting that captivates you more than five seconds as you walk through a museum. Not that this is art rock. That’s just the closest I can get to the feeling I’m getting. Although this outfit features one ex-Bluetip member, this band sounds nothing like that band. Chilling, calculated female vocals, backed by able and solid musicianship. The singer reminds me of the singer from Missing Persons. The riffs groove in an ominous fashion and the songs are all well crafted. Only four songs but I dig the title track and “The Chosen.” Quality tuneage, hopefully we’ll hear more from Dawn Of Man soon. From the sleeve picture they look like they can survive until the next thousand years passage of time. Who knows but this band has produced a subtle and effective release that should take this outfit places.

 –koepenick (Postfact)

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