DAVILA 666: Primero Muerta: 7"

Nov 11, 2009

These guys have the retro ‘60s sound so down pat that it’s fuggin’ scary. Shit, you could plop either disc here on the hi-fi when gramma’s not paying attention and she’d have no clue whatsoever this is a contemporary band. “Casi Las 3” on side B of the EP could easily be mistaken for an Os Mutantes outtake by anyone not hip to the diff between Spanish and Portuguese, “Sabes Que Quiero” sounds like they’ve been binging on old Standells records, and “Primera Muerta” reeks of teen tragedy tunes that ruled the charts before the kids discovered public sex and acid. These guys are seriously good, so good that if they manage to maintain the quality of their output, they’re bound to take the underground by storm.

 –jimmy (Douche Master, and HoZac, respectively, no address for either)