DAVID PEEL & DEATH: King of Punk: LP

Apr 29, 2016

David Peel is a veritable institution of the ‘60s music underground who sang odes to marijuana and the usual countercultural topics, as well as penning the anti-cop anthem, “Up Against the Wall,” which included “motherfucker” months before the MC5’s use of that word caused all hell to break loose. This is Peel’s 1978 album, wherein he crowns himself sovereign of a scene he influenced. Here, in addition to the requisite songs extolling the virtues of the weed, you get sloppy, repetitive piss takes about murder, asshole cops, asshole punk stars, and an eleven-minute musing on the death of Rolling Stones founder and guitarist Brian Jones. Surprisingly, things turn out well more often than not, thanks in no small part to Peel’s wicked sense of humor, which occasionally recalls Black Randy’s finer moments. Will it wow the “Johnny Thunders is god” set? Probably not, but that’s likely the very people he set out to piss off in the first place, which alone makes it more than worth the effort. An idol setting out to kill his prodigy: it rarely gets more punk than that. 

 –Jimmy Alvarado (HoZac, hozacrecords.com)

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