DAVID KILGOUR: Here Come the Cars: LP

Sep 05, 2012

David Kilgour is best known for his work with the Clean, one of New Zealand’s finest exports. Over the past twenty years he’s also released a slew of solo records. Here Come the Cars is a reissue of his first, originally released in 1991. The record opens modestly; the title track barely dips its toes in the water. It’s acoustic and sloooow and has only a trace of drums—but be patient, the payoff is coming. We’re up to our collective waist with “Fine,” which picks up the pace and has a more immediate hook. But it’s a bit like ocean water on the belly; it’s refreshing but you’re aware of it, thinking about it, awaiting more. That comes with the next tracks, three perfect pop songs that wash over you. The rhythm section pushes the tempos. Kilgour mixes in more electric guitars and the songs flow seamlessly. The closing track loops back to the feel of the opener and it’s only then that you’ll realize that you haven’t been able to touch the bottom for awhile. Side two is nearly as good. If the Clean’s Anthology set left you wanting more, Here Come the Cars is worth a day at the beach.

 –Mike Faloon (De Stijl, destijlrecs.com)

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