Optimistic isn’t enough to describe these seventeen tracks of dopamine and group hugs. From Illinois, Dynamite & Friends have chipped in to create a back-slapping pep talk on the import of community in this disparaging world of hipster consumerism and division. A handful of comrades drop spoken word bombs of self love, skating around socialist, communist dogma including a Cometbus piece inciting the “We’re All in This Together” movement. The first track, “WAITT,” an acronym, sets off a cascade effect with a quiet bedroom recording of acoustic guitar and loosely controlled vocals. “Sad Songs” bring an electric thrum with power punk chords and a peppering of saxophone while “Destroy Privilege” draws up a needling laundry list of Davey’s privilege and ends with a vow to defy these advantages. Well written and calmly riotous, this is the party before and after the fall; these are the campfire songs to stoke a rebellion. Recommended. 

 –Kristen K. (Self-released)