Davedean’s Musical Forklift: Self-titled: DVD

Nov 19, 2008

I am really glad that I got this to review because it’s interesting. I was confused at times, like watching how excited the audience was. Everyone was smiling and clapping and I just kept thinking, “What the hell is wrong with those people?” I judged them for being so stoked, but, really, there is nothing wrong with that. This video was different than anything I have seen. The singer talks a lot. He has props and anecdotes. It was kind of like Carrot Top but less intense and scary and more punk. The DVD lost my interest half way through and I got bored and antsy. I say check it out because it’s something to be appreciated, but watch it while you have something to keep you entertained when you get disinterested for minutes at a time. I’m impatient for punch lines at times so I recommend getting a make-out partner, or having some friends over to play peanut gallery… at the movie, not while you’re making out. –Corinne (Plan-It-X, PO Box 14001, Gainesville, FL32604)