DATA CONTROL: One God, One Love: CD-R

I was quite impressed with the last EP I heard from ‘em, and this reinforces that initial appraisal. This time they kick down with eighteen tracks, just over half an hour of serious tuneage. Fans of old L.A. punk, the Regulations, and similar sounds will find much to appreciate here, but, for my money, the goods are truly delivered here when the band stretches and expands, slips a sick, poppy undercurrent into the proceedings, dollops heavy helpings of churning guitars and hypnotic riffs on top, and just lets shit get freaky. According to the insert, they’re hoping this bad boy will eventually be released on vinyl, and lemme say I’m wholly in agreement. I have no trouble whatsoever seeing these cats becoming a big fuggin’ deal in the very near future, so I highly suggest y’all get in on the ground floor now. 

 –jimmy (Data Control,