DASH RIP ROCK: Recyclone: CD

Wait, wait, wait… ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES put out a Dash Rip Rock greatest hits album??? ALTERNATIVE FRICKING TENTACLES??? DASH FRICKING RIP ROCK??? IIII’M LIVING IN A WORLD INSAAAAAAAAAANE!!! (what’s next, Bob Dylan cover albums???) …actually, i have nothing against Dash Rip Rock (other than having heard “Bumfuck Egypt” one too many times back when i was a college radio DJ [and that, my friends, was in the ‘80s])—i’ll cop to owning the We Are Not of This Earth CD and putting “Rattletrap” on more than one comp tape—it’s just hard for me to make the spiritual connection between their twangy, vaguely-outside-the-lines, white-lightnin’-gulping party rock and the label that gave us, i dunno, LARD or whatever. I mean, they’re a decent enough band (and still together!)—kind of an ancestor of somewhat more radio-friendly contemporary acts like Southern Culture on the Skids, but with a bit more Elvis Hitler (or, at bare minimum, Al Perry & The Cattle) in ’em—but i’m not sure how much this band would appeal to the average punk dork these days (especially when taking into account the fact that, tinkered with or not, few things are aging less sonically gracefully than recordings from the ‘80s). However, if your idea of a good time is sneaking a bottle of Jack Daniels™ into the movies and taking a shot every time someone says “Winn-Dixie,” you might have just found yourself a date. BEST SONG: “Rattletrap” BEST SONG TITLE: “Shootin’ Up Signs” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Back in the day, this band used to play at frickin’ Lefty’s! Now that’s cred!

 –norb (Alternative Tentacles)