DASH RIP ROCK: Call of the Wild: CD

What usually happens with this band and me: I pick up a disc with no recollection of hearing them before yet remembering their name, I do a quick search of them and subsequently dread listening to the disc because I have an admitted aversion to most things identified with the words “southern rock,” plop the disc into the player, and find that all the involuntary wincing was totally unwarranted. While the last outing I heard focused on reinterpreting Dante’s Inferno, this time they opt for a full-on party record. Sure, there’s no shortage of either the “southern” or the “rock” in evidence here, but there is also much humor, intelligence, soul, dirty funk, and other stuff mixed in as well. Tunes are catchy, fun, and worthy of a spin at your next clambake, and they’ve even thought to include a fitting cover as the “hidden track” for the next morning.

 –jimmy (Alternative Tentacles)