Mar 17, 2008

Das Kapital is not a metal band; just bear with me on this one. Last spring, my friend Troy started trying to get me into metal. It’s not that I don’t like metal, I just have a really hard time getting into anything that: a) is longer than about a minute and a half, or b) doesn’t have immediate hooks. Troy played the same side of an Iron Maiden album for weeks in a row until I was asking him to burn me a copy. I kind of feel the same about Das Kapital. I’ve seen them live a few times now and always liked them (and, in full disclosure, I’m quite fond of two people in the band), but when I first got the album, it didn’t grab me instantly. The hooks weren’t immediate and most songs are over two minutes, but, I put it on at work, and sometimes I get quite lazy and just hit repeat over and over. Before the end of my shift, I had “Lions in Winter” stuck in my head. The next day, I brought it to work again and had “A Drunken Wager” following me the whole way home. Then I started playing it at least once a day. Weeks later, it’s secured a place in my recent heavy rotation.

 –megan (Johann’s Face)