DARKBUSTER: A Weakness for Spirits: CD

If you love catchy, drunk punk that’ll stick to the top of your brain and you’ll keep on singing along to for years, I highly suggest Darkbuster’s side of the their split with Tommy and the Terrors on Rodent Popsicle that came out several years ago. That shit fuckin’ smokes. I was stoked to get this. I was disappointed when I played it. Gone is the feeling of guys who are—in the form of songs—breaking full pitchers of beer over your head and you can’t stop smiling. Gone is the feeling—again, in the form of songs—of spilt beer in a full ashtray and they would gulp it up without a second thought; that liquid, dirty, sloppy, fun spirit. No judgement on the personalities behind the band, but this is just “pro” in all the wrong ways, where fun has been replaced by calculation. There’s their take writing a Rancid-esque song. There’s their take on a Social Distortion-esque song. There’s their take on writing a Dropkick Murphys-esque song. There’s their take on writing a song for armed forces recruitment. And it’s all polished to a high sheen, like a brand new guitar, covered in perfectly placed, highly deliberated, unscuffed stickers. Sounds untrue. And what I wanted was more Darkbuster playing Darkbuster. And getting hit in the head by a pitcher again. It pains me to say this, but I’m wholeheartedly disappointed, even after listening to it ten times over. Fuckin’ bummer.

 –todd (www.darkbuster.net)