DARK RIDES: Walk the Floors: LP

Sep 18, 2013

“What’s real is the voice when somebody talks, not the hum of circuits in a box.” If you’re not a robot, a sycophant, or merely a capitalist in convenient punk clothing, there’s a time when you either walk away from punk (it was just a phase, or if not a lot of people are into it, neither are you), or you dig deeper. Paradoxically, the journey goes far beyond the music, to its nourishing roots—to who you consider family, to food choices, to friend choices, actively, daily fighting for a life you want to live. We’re talking beyond the first phase of a punk’s life to when its initially bright colors have wilted and its loud tastes begin to sound muted. “Well here’s to those who didn’t stop at the guitar. You’re the reason we stand apart. You change it all, with an open heart.” But punk without music is not something I’m interested in. Those are high expectations for a band and it’s a question of ingestion. What will you spend time to seek out to nourish you when all the lights go out? For me, it’s not about musical convenience and fast food of the mind, but bands that give and take, that buy in much more to their music and its meaning than they worry about how their record’s selling. Dark Rides is from Chattanooga and is part of that amazing Future Virgins, ADD/C, Hidden Spots, Black Rainbow, Tulsa universe. It’s emotionally intelligent, generous, and hidden in plain sight. “So don’t you worry about the hereafter. The angry gods up in the rafters. Listen to the river’s gentle laughter. We are one with all matter.” An amazing debut LP.  –todd (Do Ya Hear We)