DARK GYPSIES: Greco’s Back: CD

Jan 27, 2015

The Greco in question is Ron Greco, aka “Ron the Ripper” of full-tenured SF punk legends Crime. These seven songs do have a bit of that darkly shambolic Crime-y feel to them, but were also reminding me of The Gun Club, if Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s Delta Blues leanings would have been erased and replaced with a more San Francisco-y vibe. These recordings have a sparsely-twiddled demo quality to them, which works against them in matters of providing transcendent moments of refined excellence, but works in their favor as regards projecting creator intimacy. Traders in black fabric dye futures take note and plan accordingly. BEST SONG: “Rebel House Girl.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Hey Gene.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Lyrics and liner notes make reference to—and misspell—Kezar Stadium, former home of the San Francisco 49ers, and, briefly, the Oakland Raiders. 

 –norb (Rebel House)