Sep 18, 2015

This is hardcore that rocks. I like it a lot. I’m tempted to leave it there, but feel that my enjoyment of this record warrants more explanation. Dark Ages play tuneful hardcore that’s evolved past thrashing without losing any bite. The guitars aren’t one thousand percent fuzz and the singer has more of a rock’n’roll yowl than a scream. He sorta sounds like the guy from Voivod. Each song is thoughtfully assembled with a unique flourish like an odd guitar lead, a drum freakout, or a beat that’s not quite in 4/4 time. This results in songs that stand on their own, and a ten-song LP that flies by fast. I’m at a loss for references, but it reminded a friend of mid ‘80s Die Kreuzen or this current band called Leather. So, there you go. 

 –Chris Terry (Sorry State)