DAREDIABLO: Twenty Paces: CD

Jul 22, 2006

While formulaic alt-country in appearance (map of Texas, muddy boot, catchy name, and song titles like "Billy Got Worse" and "Nife Fite on Wife Nite"), I was quite perplexed when I read that the Village Voice called Darediablo a "jazz-funk prog-rock trio." I groaned audibly—what a nightmare. Surprisingly, this instrumental three-piece act is harmonious and well synchronized: a little metal, a little soul, and a little rock—with zero artsy pretentiousness (that's the best part). Constant attention is given to all emotions as they whisk up and down a river of pensive and perpetual moodiness. I almost tossed this one, but my affectation for excellent instrumental groups such as Pell Mell forbade me from doing so without at least giving it a listen. Not bad for what it is.

 â€“thiringer (Southern)

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