DANTIEN: Self-titled: Demo CD-R

Mar 04, 2010

The map’s creased at all the edges. On that map are little illustrations. Frankie Stubbs is wearing a raccoon hat and is holding a cocktail slightly askew. There’s also a little icon of Paul Curran doing finger flips over a picture of a sun. At arm’s length, the shape of California looks suspiciously like a slouching burrito humping Nevada from behind. What all this secret-decoder stuff means is that, as a demo, Dantien are set up right. They take cues from Leatherface, Crimpshrine, and the EastBay, but there’s enough of their own sunshine and self-awareness to keep the map just that: a template of adventures to take, not a jail cell of previously-made music to nervously pace. The compass needle’s pointing true north, intrepid explorers. Keep trailblazing your own path, get this thing mastered, and travel through Burritofornia and worlds beyond.

 –todd (Self-released)