DANSETTEN: Mask Rouletta: LP

Feb 15, 2007

I don’t think I’m qualified to review this record. It makes me feel like a rube. Here’s what I know. It’s been a long-term project of Ramus, who was in Amdi Petersen’s Armé and is in Young Wasteners. APA were an awesome, straight-ahead, Black Flag-inspired punk. The Young Wasteners do do some stretching out into Screamers and Television territory, so I knew the experimentation was in him, but this LP…. Man, these are all shots in the dark for me. I feel like I need a degree in musical theory to meet it on its own terms. Depending on the listen, I hear Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica, (Errant piano tinkles. Improvisational jazz beats. Calypso?) Talking Heads (that David Byrne-y out-of-breath, sorta-talking over off-signature, short-shot and intentionally beep-boop-tuned instrument imbalance), with occasional cricket sounds (and occasional mannequins muttering backups). I totally tip my hat off to Rasmus for making the record he really wanted to make, but this record makes me feel totally uncomfortable and I find myself scratching my head like a chimp because I just don’t get it. For fans of Flipper and Culturecide?

 –todd (Hjernespind)

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