DANGERS: Messy, Isn’t It?: LP+CD

May 04, 2010

Good effin’ lord! If you’re in the market for let-it-all-out hardcore that’s full of passion and righteousness, then I highly suggest this band. Vitriol Records has definitely become known for pushing the envelope for both packaging and sound, and this latest release is quite a piece of work. Dangers are able to bridge the gap between an emotional conversation between close friends/family and a fucking maelstrom of human limbs and torsos the size of a DIY venue. While the average hardcore fan (ex: B9, RevHQ, S&F Fest) may be completely turned off by the experimental, and artful, aspects of this record, the amount of thought that must have gone into it is incredibly daunting. It’s impossible not to be completely wrapped up in it as it descends into despair, then rises up, completely determined. Completely consumed. In addition to this record being an amazing accomplishment, the times I’ve seen this band live, it truly was an inspiring experience. Something that hardcore should always be, but falls short of all too often.

 –Daryl Gussin (Vitriol, [email protected] / Penguin Suit)