DANCE HALL PIMPS: Beast for Love: CD

Sep 05, 2012

Imagine a second-rate Sinatra crooning over backwoods banjo and fantasy flute. That’s just the first thirty seconds. If you can make it through that—one of the weirdest and simplest intros ever concocted—you’ll be rewarded with a brand of retro rock’n’roll that can only be described as epic. Each song is a treacherously beautiful world populated with bizarre sax solos, synthesized insanity, rumbling bass, gyrating guitar, and more fucking banjo. Banjo? What the fuck? In this world lurk zombie mommies, Transylvania girls, and side-by-side covers of “I Put a Spell on You” and “Take a Walk on the Wild Side.” This is topped off with an amazing cover by the great James O’Barr, creator of the Crow, whose art makes far too few appearances these days.

 –mp (Lakeshore)