Jul 18, 2014

This band should be huge. Huge.I feel like fans of labels as varied as the Dirtnap, In The Red, and Slovenly rosters (and, fuck it, all waypoints in between) should be eating this stuff for breakfast.And lunch and dinner. This band is excellent. Four songs of what could loosely be called garage rock, but tempered and restrained garage instead of unhinged and frenzied. And here’s the thing: with DWATS, that restraint pays off. It works. The end result is a group of mercilessly catchy, solid songs that still retain just enough grit as to not be cloying. It’s the little things that add facets of interest and allure here: the interlocking guitar lines in “Thirty,” that dumb-brilliant melody in “Hopelessbackandfourth,” the buried keyboard stuttering throughout all of songs. Four tracks to add to an already awesome and extensive catalog. Do yourself a favor. 

 –keith (Gunner)

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