Gah! File under: Desperately Wanted To Like It More Than I Did. After three full lengths, a ton of 7”s and splits, an acoustic record, and a bunch of demos, all in a relatively short number of years, it feels like this band—who I still believe is fantastic—might have hit a bit of a stumbling spot with Perfect Problem. All the elements are still in place: Webb’s careworn vocals, his smart and tough luck lyrics, all set to catchy garage stuff with just enough gloss and bone-simple guitar leads to keep things moving along… but there’s just something missing this time around. It’s still good, but there’s just not that sense of awestruck completion that I’m used to with the band’s stuff. The fact that this LP was recorded by three different engineers over the space of a year might have something to do with it. Like I said, it’s still good, and there’s still a few songs rife with that earlier, assured, and incendiary quality—the title track’s a great example—but I’d first introduce new fans to Oh Sure or their singles collection, Now It Can Be Told, before this one. Sorry, guys. 

 –keith (Gunner)