Hands down one of the best, dirtiest, soulful, yearning punk records I’ve heard in a long time. Firmly rooted in rock music, the way the Humpers or Lazy Cowgirls were, but without the frequent veneer or swagger of garage punk. In fact, these songs sound like a punk band that’s trying like hell to sound like a folk band but just can’t. Simple songs, free of adornment, with the vocals and lyrics perfectly conveying a sense of regret and a great, great fatigue. A dozen precise rock‘n’roll songs with a glorious sloppiness to them. Two-minute anthems with fuzzed-out vocals, melodies accompanied with just the right amount of gravel, and guitar leads that are so simple they’re great. The bummer is I’m not even coming close to doing this justice. For whatever reason, I came across Oh Sure at just the right time. Never even heard of these guys before and then I listened to this record once and it’s been on permanent rotation since then. If I had my druthers, “I Was a Mess” would start playing every time I walked into a room. No-frills, one-hundred-percent-effective punk rock music; will assuredly make my top 10 (if not top 5) of the year.

 –keith (Dan Webb)