DAN WEBB AND A SPIDER: Eine Kleine Akustischmusik: CD

In lieu of his usual full band (The Spiders), Dan Webb enlisted the help of just one band mate (Get it? A Spider?Mildly clever, guys, I’ll give you that) for an acoustic album of old DWATS songs (and a wholly unnecessary Misfits cover). It was interesting to hear the marked transition from what were originally buoyant, exuberant garage punk tunes to, well, these versions. Somber, slowed down versions. Darkerversions, as the inherent solemnity in many of the songs really comes to the forefront here. I’m a sucker for the original electric tracks (hell, I still play Oh Sure all the time) and honestly can’t imagine listening to this album all that often, but to their credit, these guys did an impressive job of rendering a familiar batch of songs into something almost entirely new.

 –keith (Safe Responsible)