DAN SARTAIN: Dan Sartain Vs. the Serpients: CD

I actually saw Dan Sartain play the same day that this came in. He opened for his label-mates the Husbands. He got me up to the front of the club, but couldn’t make me dance. It seemed to teeter on the edge of rocking on out, but then got reined back in. A whole room of people standing in appreciation, but wanting just a little more. That’s how I feel about the album, too. The best track is easily the first, “Tryin’ to Say,” which is a hard one to follow up. It’s raw and the emotion seems genuine. From there we go into “PCB 98” which is a huge step down, but then the bar is raised again on “Walk Among the Cobras Part 3.” The rest of the album continues on this pattern. Not a bad album. There are definitely some great tracks on there. Best for late night drinking music when you don’t want to piss off the neighbors too much.

 –megan (Swami)