DAN RUSSELL: Self-titled: LP

Weird, wild stuff, as Paul Schaeffer might say. This is a posthumous collection of Mr. Russell’s output from 1983-1999. He was apparently quite an underground legend in Flint, MI, though I’m only vaguely aware of him. I’ve heard his name connected with Ben Hamper’s, as I suppose anyone from Flint worth their salt would be. I’m sure this wasn’t what he was goin’ for at all, but I definitely hear some Minutemen/Nomeansno weirdness in here. There’s even a little Nugent in the guitars, but you can’t avoid that being from Michigan. (We don’t even consider it a bad thing up here—that’s how far gone we are…) This is demented, vaguely scuzzed-out rock and roll trash from what sounds like a real wildman, most of it recorded in his bedroom with various bands. It’s totally worth checking out, and is a nice reminder that we haven’t even tapped the surface of all the weirdoes out there making music.

 –Ryan Horky (Aggravation Overdose)