Mar 17, 2008

Short version. Buy this. It’s damn-near perfect. Long version: Dan Padilla: Their song is about J. Wang’s grannie getting shoved in a closet during a home invasion and the weapons stolen from her husband are used to kill a family of four, point blank, several miles away. It’s about Mamie testifying against them by solely their voices. Chilling… and a very cathartic to sing along to when less devastating things are happening in everyday life. Quite possibly my favorite Padilla song so far. The Tim Version: Pound out a living, breathing ballad about looking at the scars of living; not necessarily with regret or pride, just taking stock of it all. The Tim Version, like all the bands on this split, make me wish there was another category besides “punk” to place this in because it doesn’t quite do them justice, and “great music,” seems too vague. Imperfect lexicons: what’re you gonna do? Hidden Spots: Ever drank a beer, swallowed someone else’s cigarette butt, spat it out, shrugged it off, and rationalized that much worse could have happened on that day? Chattanooga’s gentlemen sound like they’ve been handed a lot of beers with butts, but their answer to that is to make party songs about all means of defiance: church, state, and personal. How can dirty sound so catchy? Mike Pack’s been answering question for years since The Jack Palance Band. Tiltwheel: It’s a blast from the vault; Leatherface in full effect, and wonderfully so: snaking guitars, bright tones, gravel throat. It’s a song about alcohol(ism), from the inside out. It’s not party-hooray, yet still uplifting. Funny, how all four bands can give tragedy some sunshine in the form of lasting music.

 –todd (ADD)

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