May 10, 2007

Funny stuff: the labels for the record are switched. Wrong bands on listed on each side, so ADD provides extra labels and a set of instructions to fix ‘em yourself. Very thoughtful. Pan Padilla: with two-thirds of Tiltwheel and a drummer who came from nowhere and is rulin’, the ingredients are there: happy tones, lyrics about dismal lives lived fully, gruff voices, wickedly addictive, dynamic guitar work, and the feeling that everything’s so fucked, so blown clean through, it’s almost good. For being drunk, disorganized, and seemingly constantly “tomorrow, sorry, I promise” dudes, they’re prolific without letting any quality slip. Madison Bloodbath: Self-described as punk / comedy / Christian rap, but are much more in line with Hot Water Music / Dukes of Hillsborough / Gainesville by way of California. They ain’t building new cathedrals, but they sure as hell can nail songs into place and make sure the corners are true.

 –todd (ADD)