Jun 13, 2014

The latest from All In Vinyl’s split series where they take an American band and pair them with a British band. As per usual, I’m familiar with the American band, but not so much the British one. I assume you, dear reader, are familiar with Dan Padilla and their anthemic, gruff take on pop punk. It’s great to hear that this band is still going strong. When their first record came out, I thought we were going to get another Tiltwheel: great music, but with releases few and far between. This is clearly not the case. Releasing what feels like multiple records every year, the quality has yet to degrade for these guys. Down And Outs provide the B-side, with a sound close to the street punk of BYO Records heyday. They have multiple vocalists, which is always a plus for me, and they can all sing well, which makes it even better. Definitely a band that requires closer inspection. Grade: A. 

 –Bryan Static (All in Vinyl)