Aug 15, 2006

Dan Padilla: With hearts as big as hot air balloons, morals as immaculate as a surgeon’s tools, and livers as shattered as the soil in a battlefield, I don’t know if I should cry, crack the seal on another bottle to forget another day before it starts, or just sing along once again. Dan Padilla, the band, is comprised of three individuals, two of which I know are solid gold: Tiltwheel’s self-depreciating punk laureate Davey Quinn and Altaira’s self-depreciating secret weapon J Wang. It’s punk that could be soul. It could be country. It’s versatile. It doesn’t contradict the spirit of either Naked Raygun or Otis Redding while embracing both in completely inobvious ways. Burritofornia will ever been in their debt. I’ve played the two songs on their side fifty times so far. It makes my sadness happy and helps remind me that I’m not alone no matter how empty I sometimes feel. Chinese Telephones: They broke up, reformed, and have switched through members. You aren’t able to notice the behind-the-scenes shuffling on these two songs though. Call me a blasphemer or a revisionist, but I put the Chinese Telephones and Rivethead neck and neck with the best of Screeching Weasel. Hell, I’ll even say I like the Chinese Telephones more now ‘cause they’re still putting out exciting songs and not an endless parade of confusingly chosen best-of samplers. Essential split.

 –todd (Fast Crowd)