Aug 15, 2006

There’s no way that I could not like this. It’s a tribute to the Fast Castle (R.I.P.) in San Diego where I spent some of the best times of my life. I mean, how many places are there that after an all-day tour with the Rhythm Chicken, will open their laundry room at four in the morning for him to play one last set? At the eviction party, Toys That Kill, Vena Cava, Tiltwheel, and The Hits all played two-song rallies, then, when the cops weren’t showing up, they were upped to three songs, and then four. This is the first release from Fast Crowd Records, which is Tampa J Wang (who is also in Dan Padilla) and Josh Mosh (who is one of my best friends). I love them both probably more than they know and we see pretty eye-to-eye musically, so chances are pretty good that I’m going to like what they do. And, I’m biased about the bands too. Dan Padilla: J Wang (also of Altaira), Davey Tilt (of Tiltwheel and Bloodbath And Beyond) and Gene Doney (of tackling and/or fireman carrying me in the middle of bars). They sound like Florida meets California (in the Tiltwheel hangin’ out with the Tim Version kind of way), which only makes sense with where they’re all from. Chinese Telephones: They sound like good mixed with some awesome. Oh, and some people (who are wrong) think they sound like The Replacements. If you don’t like this 7”, I probably don’t wanna party with you.

 –megan (Fast Crowd)